Thursday, March 1, 2012

Artists Reception Gallery 801- March 10, 2012 6-9pm

Artists Reception at Gallery 801
March 10, 6-9 Pm
Gallery 801
801 North Main, Tucson, AZ

This artists reception will feature paintings by Carolyn Anne Anderson.

In addition a collaborative installation of sculpture and paintings by Steven Derks and Anderson will be on display entitled "Explosive Mythologies".

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Explosive Mythologies
Within our cultural imagination the arrival of 2012 has been noted by some as the beginning of an apocalyptic era. As we travel further along its linear timeline are we embarking into doomsday scenario, a period of unprecedented social change, or a time rebirth and new beginnings? Tucson artists Steven Derks and Carolyn Anne Anderson explore these questions in a cooperative installation entitled "Explosive Mythologies". The artists present archetypal symbols, socially constructed images and allegory alongside explosive agents encouraging the viewer to "blow up" their preconceived notions of our reality as we communally enter this new epoch. Combining mediums of sculpture and painting the installation will debut Saturday, March 10 and the project will continue to grow and transform as 2012 enfolds.