Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cultivating Fearlessness with Paint

Cultivating Fealessness- Progression on my Tonglen Trees


Thomas Wentworth Hardy said...

Hi Carolyn,Tom here from Australia.Your Trees painting has some incredible perspective,it looks like you can walk into the canvas.Your religious objection to war is noble.You're also correct about the regressive nature of schools which is true in Australia also.Where are the days when the USA stood for fairness?Do we really need people who are worth tens of billions of dollars whilst others can't even feed themselves?If Jesus has already returned to Earth he is fighting for starving Africans and Asians,Muslim and Christian alike....Thanks Tom Hardy Australia

Urban Bella said...

Carolyn, This painting is so beautiful. I remember viewing your paintings in your bedroom in Balsam Lake. Tom from Australia is right. The perspective is amazing... You DO feel as if you could walk right into your painting. Reminds me a bit of home in the winter time... By the way, going home for Thanksgiving. You?

xx. R. xx.