Monday, November 3, 2008

Why I did not vote for Obama (or McCain)

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This election I did not vote out of fear- I didn't vote for one - because I was afraid if I didn't the other worse one would win. I trust the republic will survive whichever wins, we will grow, and it is all divine- it is all perfect. Everything is in perfect alignment. My light will shine whomever governs- and the light of others- and we will shine bright against the darkness. I will, as Jesus says, "give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar"- I know my abundance does not come from the government, neither does my safety, my health, or my joy. I AM responsible for my destiny not the government. I voted for the only candidate who wants to end the war, bring our service men and women home, to end the patriot act, end the IRS, restore our civil liberties, dismantle the federal reserve. Since the only say I get in who leads my country is a little check in a box- that may or may not be counted. I know the choice is symbolic, energetic- and the universe always loves symbolism- so I choose the only man I could get behind 100 per cent. Who I would trust not to draft our dear children into an unnecessary war, bankrupt my 401K, and wiretap my phone, arrest me as a "homegrown terrorist" because I am a Anabaptist- and we have been cited at times as "homegrown terrorist" because we peacefully and publicly object to all war which is now illegal under HR 1955 and the patriot act.

Instead of voting out of reaction- I voted out of response. I voted out of Love- out of Joy- that a movement is beginning in our country- and that there are a few good people willing to stand up against the Bildenberg group, the Fed. Reserve, the Globalists, the Corporations, a few honest politicians that didn't vote for the bailout which fleeced the American people, that did not vote for the war or patriot act, that support my right to homeschool my kids, that won't force me to vaccinate them. I responded to their courage to stand out, to not be the "winners", to not patronize the American people with promises they can never keep, to not be popular, but instead to be honest- and for that- they got my vote.

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection..." John Adams

Viva La R3VOLution!

Funny Pics / george bush dance

No Matter WHO wins tomorrow it WILL NOT BE George W. Bush!!! THANK GOODNESS!
(well- hmmm...he didn't really win before- so maybe- well hopefully not)

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