Saturday, January 24, 2009

Loki Blue Dog

Hello Friends-

Today we went up to Pheonix and got our dog from Wiemeraner rescue. We've been waiting since Nov. and things finally fell into place- and if I wasn't sure that this was "thee" dog- when she called to tell me all about--- heard the details...sounded good, "what's his name?" she looked around the paper... pause. "Tyler". I got goosebumps (that was the name of my lab and service dog of 13 years)

So alas- here's the new dog. He's 10 months and a big rowdy puppy- so we'll just have to see how this goes :-) the kids are so excited we just got them to sleep (it's almost 10:30 pm here).

Here are some photos- they'll be lots more in the next few days.

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He's a Blue Weimeraner- which isn't as common as the silver ones. So we decided to name him "Loki Blue Dog"

Love to you all


PS- Also a note- I now have a site on Etsy here- please book mark it- thanks!

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haleyhughes said...

Congratulations on your new family member. He's a real cutie. Wiemeraners are so beautiful. And you can't go wrong with a name like Loki. :) Hopefully, he turns out to be of the low-key variety and not the mischievous variety.