Friday, January 30, 2009

Loki Blue Dog

Here's a couple more pictures of the Loki our new rescued Weimeraner.

He's got a very sweet personality, gentle, but at the same time a maniac puppy. He's 10 months old. He'll chew up anything he can get into, jump the fence in our backyard with a single leap, and he can climb. He climbs like my 20 month old- his ball bounced and landed on a top shelf of a book case and he very daintily climbed up the furniture to get it- like a cat almost- BUT HE'S a 56 lb dog.

I am wondering if naming a dog after the Norse god of mischief might not be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

He is really easy to train. He's got sit, down, stay- pretty good- and now we're working on "drop it" and "leave it" especially when he gets the kids stuffed animals.

It's been fun to watch his personality come out- he's eager to please- and wants to be right there- in the mix with the kids. Playing right along.

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