Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Last Friday the boys and I went to the BEST garage sale. It was a fund raiser for a girls soccer team. For $40 we purchased: 2 pogo sticks, a skate board, 5 soccer balls, a soccer ball net, a huge stack of picture books, winnie the pooh VHS Tape, a tape dispenser, solar powered flashlight, kids scrabble game, and the biggest prize of the day was.... (drumroll).... a brand new discovery store planetarium new in the box. Suffice it to say it was like Christmas when we got home. SO EXCITING.

The planetarium toy is the kind that is a round ball and projects the stars up on the ceiling. It also came with a DVD and an audio CD that explains all the constellations and instructions to look for them while you listen- and a laser pointer thing.

The boys could hardly wait for it to get dark so that we could try it out.

FINALLY after the sun went down we went into their bedroom and lit up the "sky" and put on the CD. It was really magical. Axel (my 2 year old) was completely mesmerized by the light show. I was so impressed that the boys took turns holding it. Amazingly they listened to 1 hour of a narrator talking about the planets and constellations (that's a LONG time for a 2 and 4 year old). It has started a whole interest in astronomy, planets, our solar system.

Here's a few photos I managed to capture of Axel in the dark. I think in them you can see his excitement and anticipation.

Most days I feel really lucky to be a stay at home mom. But today especially- sitting the the dark with them. The excitement and wonder, I don't know who was more excited them or me. Made me feel teeming with gratitude. I wanted to share these.

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